S7 200

The Micro range PLC SIMATIC S7-200 is truly in class of its own SIEMENS S7 200 is both compact and highly powerful - especially considering its real-time response - it's fast, features, great communication options and comes with easy-to-operate software and hardware
Starting range of SIEMENS PLC is with S7 200CN CPU . It consist of Digital, analog, specific or communicative S7 200 Programming is based on the easy-to-use engineering software STEP 7 Micro/WIN.
As a result, the SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC is a most reliable, fast and flexible programmable controller in the field of micro automation. S7 200 CPU is most reliable for OEM and small application like in Packaging, Pharmaceutical industries. S7 200 can be used as standalone PLC. All this makes the SIMATIC S7-200 a great choice for open-loop control in the lower performance range. Become one of the thousands of SIEMENS S7-200 customers that constantly benefit from Siemens PLC innovation and lower cost of ownership.

S7 1200

Basic Panels.
The SIMATIC S7-1200 controller has been designed with maximum flexibility to fit your individual machine requirements. S7 1200 allows you to custom design your controller system to meet your needs; \
Industrial communication in Siemens PLC s7 1200
The SIMATIC S7-1200's integrated PROFINET interface provides seamless communication with the SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic engineering system for programming, with SIMATIC KTP HMI Basic Panels for visualization,
S7 1200 SIEMENS PLC with additional controllers for PLC-to-PLC communication and with third-party devices for advanced integration options. As a SIEMENS system house our engineers are competent to provide you all necessary support for commissioning of SIEMENS S7 1200 PLC
Integrated engineering software for S7 1200 PLC and KTP basic HMI
SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic engineering system allows integrated engineering for the S7-1200 micro controllers and SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels. SIMATIC step 7 includes all necessary functions and tools for hardware and network configuration, uploading & down loading Program and diagnostics etc. SIMATIC S7-1200 also includes WinCC Basic for SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels.
SIEMENS S7-1200 is the controller for open-loop and closed loop control tasks in mechanical equipment manufacture and plant construction. It combines maximum automation and minimum cost.Due to the compact modular design with a high performance at the same time, the SIMATIC S7-1200 is suitable for a wide variety of automation applications. Its range of use extends from the replacement of relays and contactors and timers up to complex automation tasks in networks . being authorized Siemens PLC dealer our engineers are trained to execute all necessary task

S7 300

SIEMENS s7 300 CPU is Powerful, compact and cost-effective Controller,
The SIMATIC S7-300 universal controller saves on installation space and features a modular design. A wide range of modules can be used in s7 300 family to expand the system centrally. SIMATIC S7 300 PLC is also can be use to communicate with remote IOS.
S7 300 Family is perfect selection of modular controller for the system solution in manufacturing automation in the low to Mid performance range

S7 400

The most powerful Automation System within SIMATIC
SIMATIC S7 400 CPU is having superb communication capability and integrated interfaces make process controller ideal for larger tasks such as the coordination of entire systems. The graded range of S7 400 CPUs enables scalable performance and the capacity for remote I/O periphery is virtually unlimited. In s7 400 CPU process controller signal modules can be inserted and removed while the system is live (hot swapping), making it very easy to expand the system or replace modules

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