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Since last 15 years we have successfully commissioned thousands of project in many industries, few of them are as follows
• Automatic storage and retrieval system ,system was with Siemens s7 300 PLC , Siemens Wincc Scada, KTP 1000 HMI, Siemens Wireless scalance system , Simotion S120 Servo Drives
• Export PLC based control system for Oil Extraction Plant ; used ET 200s / IM 151-8 PLC system with 450 IOs, WinCC Scada and G120 Drive
• Automating Purified Water Generation System with S7 1200 PLC and Comfort HMI TP 600
• Pick and Place automation by using V90 Servo Drives and S7 1200 Siemens PLC
• Material Handling System : Fully automatic material handling system by using more than 40 Conveyers and Lots of Sensors . Used Wincc Scada with S7 315 PLC and G120 Drive
• 4 feet DIA Pipe Pressure testing System was successfully commissioned by using Wincc Scada with Siemens S7 314 PLC
• Purified Water Distribution system : with S7 1200 PLC and KTP 600 HMI and V20 Drive
• Fully Automatic PLC based Ointment Plant using S7 1200 PLC & Scada Based system
• Automatic batching system for Cadbury by using SIEMENS V90 Servo Motor and Drive
• Automatic Newpaper Stacking and Wrapping system with S7 1200 PLC and KTP 600 HMI
• Automation in Clean in Place and Steam in place system using Siemens PLC s7 300
• PLC based automation in Powder feeding mation by using Siemens PLC S7 1200 and Wincc Scada
• Automation for Battary furnace and Heating system by using S7 300 PLC & Comfort HMI
• Automation for Cleaning and Washing Fruits using Siemens S7 1200 PLC and KTP HMI
• HVAC system automated by Siemens s7 313 PLC and WinCC Scada system
• Automation of Liquid Gas Filling and Sealing system using s7 1200 PLC anf KTP 600 HMI
• Automation of ETP and Sewage Plant using S7 300 PLC , Comfort HMI and V20 A.C. variable frequency drive
• We completed lots of Automation project of Pharma Plant in Middle Countries like Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Senegal Sudan , Uzbekistan, Kenya,
• PLC based automation for Chemical plant using Siemens IM151-8 PLC and Siemens Wincc Scada
• Textile machine synchronization using SIEMENS V20 VFD